1988 Young Playwrights Festival Preliminary Readings Series

May, 1988


The Man in the Moon by Sharon Beth Kallick

Directed by: Tisa Chang
Stage Manager: Joshua Perlstein

Amity Houghton: J. Smith-Cameron
Smooty Houghton: Karron Graves
Jackie Houghton: John Christopher Jones
Dr. Millicent Francis: Frances Foster
Patrick Russell: Jason Minor


The Boiler Room by Kevin Corrigan

Directed by: Lawrence Sacharow
Stage Manager: Huckleberry Feyk

Father: John Seitz
Henry: Dan Jenkins
Astrid: Erica Gimpel
Eddie: John Griesemer
Tay: Steve Mosinsky
Curt: Walter Allen Bennett, Jr.
Delores: Deirdre O'Connell
Nick: Christopher McCann


Sweet Chariot by Nicci Hagenah

Directed by: Scott Rubsam
Stage Manager: Mollena Williams

Bridgette: Susan Diol
Mom: Kathryn Rossetter
Pop: Michael Arbin
Alex: Brad Tatum
Ann: Heather Ehlers
Roxanne: Sally Prager
Kayla: Jill Tasker
Shannon: Tonia Rowe
Beth: Sandi Francis
Doctor, Governor of Wisconsin: Richard Council
Nurse, Telethoner: Elaine Rinehart
Kid: Jose Soto


Smartmouth Jones by Tagore J. McIntyre

Directed by: David Esbjornson
Stage Manager: James FitzSimmons

Simon Parker: Doug Hutchison
Susan Jons: Gail Mayron
Smartmouth Jones: Fisher Stevens
Julia Parker: Julianne Moore
Waiter, Detective Buckley: Michael Arbin
Mr. Stein: Robert Dorfman
Miss Vien: Kathyrn Rossetter
Snot the Bum: Skeeter William


Seniority by Eric Ziegenhagen

Directed by: Thomas Babe
Stage Manager: Jenny Peek

Debbie: Maddie Corman
Fiona: Martha Plimpton
Ian: Jay Sherick


The Trapped Train by Theresa Washington

Directed by: Clinton Turner Davis
Stage Manager: Martha Banta

Annette: Monique Cintron
Tawana: Ana Zenon
Linda: Wendy Calhoun
Regina: Michelle Weeks
Lady 1: LaTanya Richardson
Lady 2, Conductor: Martha Banta


And the Air Didn't Answer by Robert Kerr

Directed by: Christopher Durang
Stage Manager: Doug Grabowski

Dan: Robert Leonard
Renee: Erica Gimpel
Mother: Debra Monk
Thug, Virgil, Charlie Brown: Bill Youmans
Thug, Dante, Linus: Jihmi Kennedy
Father McLaughlin, Teacher, God: Richard Backus
Jennifer: Katherine Hiler
Alex Trebek, Stage Directions: John Augustine


When the Cat Goes Away by Erica Christ

Directed by: Amy Saltz
Stage Manager: Meredith Portman

Sherry Cardot: Susan Diol
Alex Caulfield: Rob Knepper


Codename: Warm Weather by David Todd DeVries

Directed by: Thomas Babe
Stage Manager: Jenny Peek

Weatherman: John Christopher Jones
Colonel: Charles Kimbrough
Private: Lauren Tom
Major: John Bedford Lloyd


Imagine by Kevin Corrigan

Directed by: Clinton Turner Davis
Stage Manager: Martha Banta

Joe: Jace Alexander
Kathy: Lauren Tom


Mary Blows Her Top by Lauren Hauptman

Directed by: James Lapine
Stage Manager: Stephen Duffy

Mom: Heather Macrae
Mary: Jennifer Rudin
Jack: Peter Smith
Millicent: Catherine Kellner


He's a Boy, That's Why by Norma Lee

Directed by: Raul Aranas
Stage Manager: James FitzSimmons

Carmen: Monique Cintron
Jodi: Erika Honda
Gail: Catherine Kellner
Ray: Stanford Egi
Robin: Olivia Mates
Waiter: John Quincy Lee


Women and Wallace by Jonathan Marc Sherman

Directed by: James Lapine
Stage Manager: Stephen Duffy

Wallace Kirkman: Robert Leonard
Nina: Maddie Corman
Mother: Karen Ludwig
Grandmother: Marge Kotlisky
Victoria: Kia Goodwin
Psychiatrist: Heather Macrae
Lili: Laura San Giacomo
Sarah: Jennifer Rudin
Wendy: Olivia Mates