1982 Young Playwrights Festival Readings

December 13th, 1982


Directed by: Shelly Raffle
Stage Manager: Ralph Weeks

The Apple Tree by Catherine Berg

Dramaturg: James Kirkwood
Stage Directions: Bill Connington

John: Michael Ayr
Sara: Elaine Bromka
Matthew: Eben Davidson
Margaret: Bobo Lewis
Bill: Edward Seamon


A New Approach to Human Sacrifice by Peter Getty

Dramaturg: Wendy Wasserstein
Stage Directions: Bill Connington

Alvin: Kenneth Boys
Bobby: Eben Davidson
Susan: Mary Lea Floden
TV Voice: Charles Harper
Mr. Wall: Ken Kliban
Mrs. Wall: Maura Swanson
Michael: Brian Tarantina


Once in a Lifetime by Charles Schulman

Dramaturg: A. R. Gurney
Stage Directions: Bill Connington

Joe Finnegan: Michael Ayr
TV Host: Roger Chapman
Sheila: Jane Fleis
Newscaster: Charles Harper
Mary: Stephanie Musnick
Henry: Edward Seamon
Lucy: June Stein
Mr. Hopp: Colin Stinton
Wallace: Brian Tarantina