Day-long Teachers Institute Open To Educators Of Grades 6-12

Playwriting & Performance Across The Curriculum

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Originally posted in The Chattanoogan

A day-long interactive seminar focuses on integrating playwriting concepts and critical thinking into curriculums for grade 6-12 teachers and directors of theatre arts and non-theatre teachers who use or integrate theatre techniques into their classes.

Playwriting & Performance Across the Curriculum will be offered on Wednesday March 7, from 8:15 a.m.–5 p.m. in the Terrace Room at the Sheraton Read House, 827 Broad Street, Chattanooga.

The seventh annual Institute is sponsored by the Southeastern Theatre Conference in association with the American Alliance for Theatre and Education. The fee of $65 includes lunch. In-service, continuing education credits and/or professional development documentation will be offered.

Contact or 336/272-3645 for more information and registration. Registration is available at

Workshop descriptions are as follows:

Write A Play! Presented By: Nicole Lorenzetti of Young Playwrights Inc.

Write a Play provides educators in grades 6-12 with a process for integrating playwriting into your curriculum. During this interactive professional development workshop participants build a foundation of individual and collaborative writing exercises that encourage students to explore their creative potential, inspire writing, and introduce the fundamentals of dramatic writing. The playwriting techniques explored throughout the Write a Play not only introduces teachers and students to the basic elements of playwriting but also raise awareness of new ways to incorporate playwriting into academic studies.

Critical Thinkers, Critical Viewers, Critical Writers presented by Dean Slusser, author of Adjudicating Theatre Performance: Responding to Competitions and Festivals, published by Dramatic Publishing

Mr. Slusser offers an overview of adjudication as it ties into the curriculum improving observation skills and developing techniques to transfer Critical Thinking, Critical Viewing and Critical Writing into classroom assignments.

Performance presented by The Muse of Fire Project, Stevie Ray Dallimore and Kate Forbes Dallimore

Two New York City actors started a program in Chattanooga that is breaking the rules of traditional theatre. Established actors, audio-book narrators and teachers, relocated to Chattanooga last July to start The Muse of Fire Project, a program based on the famous 52nd Street Project in New York City, which provides an opportunity for children to write their own plays and work with professional actors and musicians in creating theater productions based on their works.

Techniques for Working with Student Playwrights, Stevie Ray Dallimore and Kate Forbes Dallimore

From the writing process to the performance, the Dallimores delve into the intricacies of students writing plays for performance and the challenges they meet.

“The Muse of Fire Project is about allowing kids to be heard and respected for their imaginations. The goal is to ensure that each kid gains more confidence, stands up a little taller and receives the applause he or she deserves as a result of their hard work,” said Mr. Dallimore.

“This program encourages collaboration between children and adults, while connecting communities through the power of storytelling in the theatre. The Project is not just about creating little actors or playwrights, but about allowing a child to experience success,” said Ms. Dallimore.