2015 Write a Play! NYC Playwriting Competition

Congratulations to the Winners, Honorable Mentions, and Finalists of the 2015 Write A Play! New York City Playwriting Competition!


Winners, High School Division

Win for Life by Quincy Confoy

Making Progress by Isabelle Devereaux

To Wakely by Peter Diller

Honorable Mentions, High School Division

Public Transportation by Eliana Cohen-Orth

Shayna Kopf by  Hannah Finamore-Rossler

Ties by Leo Lion

Partying With the Reaper by Hannah Reale

Finalists, High School Division

A Prayer for Elizabeth by Eliana Gayle-Schneider

Small Spaces by Phoebe Landsman

2B or Not 2B by Jehna Livingston

The Mitchelstown Post Office Job by Cuchulainn Fionn McGloin

Fishing by Stephanie Okun

Winners, Middle School Division

Slumber by Sierra Blanco

Topsy the Elephant by Kate Laura Jeffrey

Camp Herkie’s All Stars  by Ava C. Mascuch

Honorable Mentions, Middle School Division

The Sour Dough by Abbe Schulties

The Zebu Horn Ring by Malick Thiam

Finalists, Middle School Division

The Burden of Knowing by Rachel Ableman

In My Mind’s Eye by Ivy Aukin

One Audience in Search of an Ending by Sierra Blanco

If Only You Knew by Zaria Cannon

Figurative Life of One Million Eyes by Elina Gatdula

The Cockroach and the Cage by Milo Kotis

The Story of Aries by Louis D. Power

Send In the Clone by Dorothea and Eve Samaha

Maybe It’ll Work, Maybe It Won’t by Emma Venarde

Hysteria by Louise Wandesforde

Winners, Elementary School Division

Untitled by Grace Cuddihy

Abra Cadabra by Frida Jackson

Home Run by Beatrice Williams

Finalists, Elementary School Division

Confusion by Jayden Rodriguez, Jonah Mule, and Riley Sheehan

The Magical Rose by Eleonora Binz-Scharf

The Great Funny-Off by Xavier GatdulaSam Zimmermann, and Benjamin Monegro

You Better Not Break Into My House, Brother! by Josh Morales

Acceptance by Ananda Liveright

The Wish by Melanie Espinal

The Prank by Samantha OrtizEmely Ortega, and Gianna Arias